Upgrade kits for Plasma ICP-MS

Plasma 3 Source Upgrade
The RF Plasma Source Upgrade ensures enhanced sensitivity and maximum stability and reliability.
  • žAll new innovative torch box design allowing easy connection of a wide range of sample introduction devices.
  • žRobust water-cooled 3rd generation RF Generator with frequency tuning, delivers rapid response to changing matrix conditions
  • žImproved RF shielding
  • žEasy access to expansion chamber front plate for exchanging of cones


Daly Upgrade 
Daly detectors offer the highest performance of any Ion Counting device over the largest dynamic range.
  • žLarger dynamic range
  • žBetter gain stability
  • žLarger linear range
  • žWider peak flat
  • žLonger life time

EATO Upgrade
The Enhanced Abundance Transfer Optics (EATO) patent-pending device is inserted into the transfer chamber and provides significant improvements to the abundance sensitivity, yielding better measurement precision and accuracy for actinide isotopes.
  • žBy limiting the amount of argon atoms/ions entering the mass analyser, the EATO patent-pending device achieved excellent abundance sensitivity, typically less than 1 ppm pre-filter and less than 0.05 ppm post-filter
  • žNo compromise in ion transmission and mass bias stability

Enhanced Sensitivity Interface
  • žMaximized intermediate vacuum
  • žEnhanced transfer optics
  • žMinimal effect on oxide levels
  • žSignificantly improved sensitivity
Software switchable Pre-amplifiers
Selected preamplifiers each can be fitted with two resistors of various sizes (1010Ω, 1011Ω, 1012Ω), in order to enlarge the dynamic range of the chosen Faraday detectors.
  • žThe 1012Ω resistor is suitable for detecting smaller beams with a higher signal to noise ratio. The 1010Ω resistor is suitable for larger beams.
  • žFast switching between different resistor values using the software without breaking the pre-amplifier housing vacuum
Low Sulphure Upgrade
Low sulphur gas panel and tubings are offered to significantly reduce the instrument sulphur background making it more suitable for low-level sulphur analysis. They deliver
uncompromised analytical performance without any side effect on other isotope systems.

Dry Pump Upgrade
The compact 110 m3/h air-cooled Edwards nXLi110 dry pump improves pumping efficiency and generates ca. 10% sensitivity enhancement without elevating the oxide formation or inducing any non-linear mass bias behaviour.
  • žReduces the frequency of preventative maintenance.
  • žEliminates the formation of hydrocarbon molecules and therefore the background counts for actinides.
High Mass IC Upgrade
Ideal for U-Pb geochronology, low level B and Li isotope measurements?