Upgrade Kits for IMS 1270 / 1280 / 1280-HR

IMS 1300-HR3
Among the updates available for the CAMECA Large Geometry SIMS:

RF-Plasma oxygen ion source 

Specimen chamber 
Z-axis movement for the sample stage (Z-MOTION )

Secondary optical system
Manual storage chamber with its load-lock (up to 6 sample holders)
Numerical camera and LED sample illumination system (white light)

Electronics and data system
New electronics and data system including hardware upgrade (Upgrade to 1280)
Desk control duplication (instrument control from an operator room)

Automated Particule Measurement Software under PC-Windows Environment for fast screening of large numbers of particles and detection of specific elements or isotopes.

CAMECA SIMS Data Processing Software under PC-Windows Environnement

CAMECA SIMS Image Processing Software under PC-Windows Environnement (available as Standard or Extended version)

A detailed upgrade kits catalogue is available. Contact your local CAMECA office or agent, or mail to cameca.info@ametek.com to receive it or for quotations.

You may also check the latest software version available for your instrument.