Upgrade kits for IMS 6f and 7f

IMS 7f-Auto
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Automation & Software
Specimen Chamber
Optical System

Automation & Software

PC-Automation (6f/7f)
PC automation system to replace SUN system, allows full automation & unattended operation and greatly improves performance and throughput. For more information.

Post-treatment Station (6f/7f)
PC computer for off-line data treatement (CAMECA software not included).

Desk Control Duplication (7f with PC-Automation)
Instrument control from an operator room. Ensures optimized operation comfort when the lab is split in two parts.

APM Software (6f/7f with PC-Automation)
Automated Particle Measurement software program for fast screening of large numbers of particles and detection of specific elements or isotopes.

WinCurve Software (6f/7f with PC-Automation)
Offers powerful SIMS data processing & graphing capabilities.

WinImage Software (7f with PC-Automation)
Offers powerful SIMS image processing capabilities (available in Standard or Extended version).

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ISOCMS (6f/7f)
Isolation and Pumping of the Cesium Microbeam Source.

DUO-AUTO (6f equipped with Duoplasmatron source)
Computerised Duoplasmatron Source Control.

Low primary ion energy system for the duoplasmatron source.

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Fast Airlock (6f)
For fast sample introduction: reduces sample introduction time by a factor of two to 1'30".

Storage Chamber Upgrade (6f/7f with PC-Automation)
Manual storage chamber with its load-lock designed to store up to six sample holders under high vacuum. Ensures substantial throughput improvements for applications that depend on the best UHV conditions. 

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Specimen chamber

RS10 Eucentric Rotating Stage (6f/7f)
Sample rotation is a powerful technique to minimize roughening effects which may occur with certain sputtering conditions and matrices.

Z-MOTION (6f/7f)
Z-Axis manual adjustment for the sample stage.

Turbomolecular pump for the specimen chamber (to replace ion pump).

TURBOSPECTRO (7f with PC-Automation)
Turbomolecular pumps for the mass spectrometer (to replace the existing ion pumps, for optimized pumping speed in the mass spectrometer and improved abundance sensitivity while using the oxygen flooding.

OFM (6f)
Oxygen flodding attachment. Improves sensitivity for electropositive elements, improves depth resolution for low impact energy O2+ primary ion sputtering.

Numerical camera and LED sample illustration system (white light).

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Secondary Optical System

RAE (6f/7f)
Resistive Anode Encoder ion imaging detector to acquire and digitalize ion microscope images in pulse counting mode for 2D or 3D quantitative analysis.

KPOSTACC (6f/7f)
Postacceleration for the electron multiplier detector. Increases sensitivity when analysing heavy elements and when running the mass spectrometer at low secondary extraction voltage (<3 kV).

MDA (6f)
Motor driven apertures improving long term reproducibility and ease of use.

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