Upgrade Kits for SX100 / SXFive / SXFiveFE


Additional Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometers (for instruments equipped with 3 or 4 vertical spectrometers) or additional WDS crytals (for existing spectrometers)
Increase the analytical range of your instrument with additional spectrometers, equipped with 2 or 4 crystals. Improve detection limits by using a spectrometer with 2 large crystals.  Or add different crystals for increased analytical range or optimized element detection.

Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (for instruments equipped with motorized optical zoom)
Detects all elements from B to U in a parallel. Up to 8 EDS channels with « in-situ variable aperture” can be used in addition to WDS in X-ray mapping mode. Use both EDS and WDS calibrations for quantitative analysis.

Cathodoluminescence detector (for all instruments)
Reveal defects and impurities in materials.


Anticontamination system (for all instruments)
Reduces carbon contamination of the sample by a factor of 8.

Airlock-compatible system for transport of sample under vacuum
For air-sensitive samples or radioactive samples

External Point logger


Peak Sight Windows™ software upgrade for the CAMECA SX 100 
For SX 100 and SX Five instruments equipped with PC workstations, Peak Sight updates are possible. Check the latest Peak Sight version available at this link.

For an SX 100 equipped with a SUN workstation, the upgrade kit includes a PC computer, Peak Sight software for instrument control and data evaluation, training and manuals. This kit is not compatible with the SUN based EDS system. Contact CAMECA for detailed information or to request a Peak Sight documentation.  

SX Results/PC-Unix: Peak Sight WindowsTM processing software for SX50/100 data acquired with Unix SXRay100/SXN50 software
This PC-based software is the processing part comprised in the Windows™ Peak Sight SX 100 automation, plus an import and conversion module in order to accept data acquired with UNIX-based SX100/50 CAMECA software programs. Data issued from any kind of application (Spectrum, Images, Profile...) are handled in a single window. The program can work as a multi-document interface, allowing several data to be displayed simultaneously. It offers full Copy-Paste capabilities with Microsoft Office™ as well as built-in access to Word™ and Excel™ templates for easy, automated generation of analysis reports. 

The following modules are included: WDS Spectra, Images and Line Profile, Quantitative Data, Phase ID, Phase Class, Profile Off Line, Overlay.
Optional modules are available for specific applications:

  • option 1: Mapping Quant, Mlayer (multilayer quantification program)
  • option 2: Geo Quant (geological quantitative analysis), Geochronology: Age Dating (Includes Mapping Quant) & Age Map (Age Quant)

Don't hesitate to contact your local agent or the CAMECA sales department for more information.