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1st South African Electron Probe MicroAnalysis Workshop
1st South African Electron Probe MicroAnalysis Workshop27-28 August, Johannesburg, South Africa: CAMECA and Wirsam organized the 1st South African Electron Probe MicroAnalysis (EPMA) Workshop in the lab of University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, freshly equipped with a SXFiveFE and inaugurated on the occasion.

Ian Holton PhD and Michel Outrequin, CAMECA's SXFive Product Manager, animated the Workshop and discussed a number of topics with the participants:

• What’s new – Field Emission SXFiveFE including demo of new WITS SXFiveFE
• Advanced EPMA analysis including:
~ Quantitative analysis at low beam energy
~ Overlapping peaks
~ Trace element analyses: settings and mineral standards
~ Quantitative element maps
~ Stability and repeatability
~ Improvement of Detection Limits
~ Low Voltage and spatial resolution; 5 – 6kV

• User presentations of work / Q&A session

Live demonstration on user samples on new WITS SXFiveFE were organized.

SXFive Workshop

Inauguration of the SXFiveFE in the lab of University of the Witwatersrand
Inauguration of the SXFiveFE



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