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Inauguration of the Banaras Hindu University SX EPMA facility
BHUApril 11, 2016: The EPMA facility at Institute of Science, BHU in Vanarasi, India was inaugurated in presence of Prof. GC Tripathi, BHU vice chancellor, and Prof Talat Ahmad, vice-chancellor, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi and chairman of DST-Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) committee for Earth Sciences.

Cornestone of the new EPMA facility  is the CAMECA SXFive microprobe, procured as a part of a major research grant allocated to four professors from the Department of Geology, Prof NV Chalapathi Rao (Principal Investigastor), Prof Rajesh Srivastava, Prof Mallikarjun Joshi and Prof HB Srivastava, in recognition of their outstanding researches in mineralogy and petrology. Established in 1920, the BHU Department of Geology is one of the oldest Geology departments of India, and is nationally and internationally acclaimed for its high quality teaching and research in core areas of geology: paleontology, oceanography, sedimentology, igneous and metamorphic petrology, structural geology and tectonics, geochemistry, coal geology, hydrogeology…

The newly delivered SXFive is the first microanalytical equipment of the kind at BHU, and Prof. Rao looks forward to advancing the main DST project: "Lithospheric mantle evolution of Indian cratons and mobile belts from the study of kimberlites and mafic dykes". But the versatile Electron Microprobe will also be used by faculty and researchers across various departments and institutes of BHU, supporting cutting edge research in materials science and fostering inter-departmental and inter-disciplinary projects.



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