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Atomic Virtual Reality at M&M 2017 Meeting !

6-10 Aug 2017: Meet us on booth #324 at Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017 Meeting in St Louis, MO and experience the atomic world in Virtual Reality. You'll see atoms! Atomic-level samples generated by Atom Probe Tomography reveal 3D chemical information not visible via other microscopy techniques. Explore EIKOS-generated 3D nanosamples and realize the power of Atom Probe Tomography!

We will also be conducting live demos of the EIKOS atom probe directly on our booth! EIKOS is our new, easy-to-use atom probe microscope enabling faster development of alloys for industrial use and a deep understanding of materials for research applications.

Don't miss our the various presentations from our Application Scientists and Product Managers:

  • Ty Prosa: Sunday, 20 minutes FIB-SEM APT Sample Prep, Pre-Meeting Workshop
  • Rob Ulfig: Poster, Monday 3-5, #31, “Applications, Technical Challenges…UHV…”
  • Ty Prosa: Tuesday 9-9:30, Room 263, “Evolution of APT Data Collection…”
  • Brian Geiser: Tuesday 11:30-12, Room 263, “Recent Reconstruction…”
  • Yimeng Chen: Poster, Tuesday 3-5, #117, “Automated Crystallographic Identification…”
  • David Reinhard: Poster, Thursday 10-12, #360, “APT of Reduced Phases in Apollo…”
  • Rob Ulfig: Thursday 1:30-1:45, Room 125, “Hardware and Software Advances…”
  • Katie Rice: Thursday 1:45-2:00, Room 125, “APT with the Easier to Operate EIKOS”
  • Thomas Kelly: 2 sessions:
    • Invited: Tuesday 1:30, Room: 264, “A18 The Many Connections between Atom Probe and Electron Microscopy”  & Wednesday 1:30 PM • Room: 126  “Entrepreneurship in Microscopy: Lessons from a Journey”
    • Co-chair on: “A11 Instrumentation of Atom Probe: 50 Years and counting”
  • Anne-Sohpie Robbes: Tuesday 10:30 AM, Room: 264, Historical Development of the CAMECA EPMA”

Further information available on M&M Scientific program !



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