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SAMSUNG Display selects NanoSIMS 50L
CAMECA is delighted to announce the purchase of a NanoSIMS 50L by SAMSUNG Display Korea. This will be the first NanoSIMS in the display industry!

SIMS is a well-established technique in the semiconductor industry, where it is routinely used to measure the concentration of dopants and implants, and for device failure analysis. Offering both High Sensitivity and High Lateral Resolution, the NanoSIMS has proven the ideal tool for small area trace element analysis, localized, direct depth profiling and cross-section imaging of dopant.

With the recent order from SAMSUNG Display, CAMECA SIMS instrumentation can be part of the future technological advances in the highly competitive and innovative display market, also one of the most exciting and challenging application field for engineers and scientists!

"NanoSIMS allows the analysis of intractable components within structures of sub-micron size in the display device. The data can be reconstructed 3 dimensionally to provide invaluable insight based on which critical decisions are to be made." said Dr. Jo, VP Production Technology of SAMSUNG Display.



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