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CAMECA on booth#8 at SIMS Europe !
18-20 Sep 2016: CAMECA will be attending the 2016 SIMS Europe conference and look forward to welcoming you to our booth. Our CAMECA sales and product managers will be pleased to exchange with you on the newly launched SIMS instruments IMS 1300-HR³ and KLEORA, on the latest results of RF Plasma ion source with NanoSIMS 50L, as well as on the latest addition to our APT product line, the EIKOS Atom Probe Microscope. They can also give you information on the innovative ICP-MS, TIMS, GD-MS and IRMS instruments from Nu, now part of CAMECA!

Don't miss out on the following  presentations by our SIMS experts:

Light elements measurements using the CAMECA IMS 7f-Auto, talk by Dr. Paula Peres 
"Inorganic Depth Profiling" session in lecture hall "HS2".
19 September 2016, 9:10am - 10:30am

Practical aspects of elemental imaging with the NanoSIMS 50L, talk by Francois Horreard 
"Instrumentation" session in lecture hall "HS2" 
19 September 2016, 11:40am - 1:00pm.

Improvements of isotopic ratio reproducibility using EMs on the CAMECA Ultra High Sensitivity SIMS, talk by Dr. Paula Peres
Poster Session in lecture hall "Poster Area"
19 September 2016, 5:00pm - 7:00pm.

For further program information check out the SIMS Europe website



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