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Washington University welcomes CAMECA IMS 7f-GEO
IMS 7f-GEO delivery at WUSTL

Dec 2013: Delivery of the IMS 7f-GEO at Washington University in Saint-Louis happened in early december and installation is running smoothly as reported in a lively video posted on WUSTL's news room. The instrument will be used in a variety of disciplines, including geology, biology, space science, engineering and materials science, but especially in stabe isotope biogeochemistry, the specialty of Prof. Fike's group at WUSTL.

“I am extremely pleased to welcome the Cameca SIMS to the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering,” said Ken Kelton, PhD, director of the institute and the Arthur Holly Compton Professor of Arts & Sciences. “In addition to helping Washington University stay at the forefont of cosmochemistry and biogeochemistry, this sophisticated instrument will help establish us as a regional center for modern materials science.”



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