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Chinese Center of Excellence for Atom Probe Tomography to host APT Workshop
6-8 Nov: CAMECA and Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST) invited to Atom Probe Tomography User Meeting & Workshop.

This 2-day APT Forum covered recent progress in LEAP equipment and data analysis, a review of leading-edge APT applications including the presentation of recent research results on advanced functional materials (semiconductor,nanowire,optical fibre,electro-optic materials...), metals (light alloy, steel...), advanced energy materials, nuclear materials, geological samples, as well as demos on LEAP equipment operation, data analysis and sample preparation.

After Shanghai in the past years, Nanjing University of Science and Technology was pleased to host this 3rd APT user meeting in China. NJUST recently made a large investment in procurement of a range of advanced microscopy and microanalysis instruments, including a CAMECA LEAP 4000X Si Atom Probe, but also TEM, dual-beam FIB equipment, etc. With these advanced analysis tools, the APT group at NJUST has set up research programs to address material issues in electronics, aerospace, automotive, and nuclear energy applications, and is getting ready to inaugurate the Chinese Center of Excellence for Atom Probe Tomography.


Top left: Professor Dr. Gang Sha at the entrance of the new Chinese Center of Excellence for Atom Probe Tomography in Nanjing.
Top right: Opening speech of the 2014 Atom Probe Tomography Forum by Prof. Sha.
Bottom: group photo of the well attended APT Forum.



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