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Introducing EIKOS™, the Atom Probe Microscope for Research & Industry
eikos13 June 2016: CAMECA unveils EIKOS during the 2016 APT&M conference in Korea.

EIKOS is a new atom probe microscope providing accessibility to atom probe tomography with increased ease of use and a low cost of ownership. Utilizing standard microscopy sample preparation methods, it delivers nanoscale structural information that is expected to yield a greater understanding of materials for research and faster development of products for industrial applications.

We derived our new instrument’s name from the Greek word meaning ‘image,’ and we trust that EIKOS will bring atom probe tomography within the reach of many new microscopists, researchers and engineers, allowing them to image their materials at the atomic level.

The CAMECA Atom Probe Tomography product line now comprises two families:
  • the LEAP 5000 (Local Electrode Atom Probe), which provides the fastest, most sensitive 3D imaging and analysis with nanoscale resolution across the widest range of applications (metals, oxides, ceramics, advanced energy storage materials, semiconductors and electronics, bio-minerals and geochemistry),
  • the newly launched EIKOS family, which offers accessibility to atom probe tomography with improved ease of use and a low cost of ownership that addresses both research and industrial applications.

> Read the full EIKOS Press Release
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