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Atom Probe helps discover gold!
Sep 2016: Business News Western Australia reports on how researchers at Curtin University are using Atom Probe tomography for the first time to characterise gold deposition processes at the atomic level.

Thanks to the Geoscience Atom Probe which was delivered one year ago, scientists at Curtin University School of Mines, under leadership of Dr Fourgerouse, are leading an emerging geoscience field that could influence the future of gold recovery.

The LEAP Atom Probe has the ability to find tiny ‘invisible’ gold in refractory minerals such as arsenopyrite, that can contain traces of locked gold: It can identify information of the position and type of individual atoms by the rate the gold atoms contained in the mineral evaporate, which is then 3D­imaged on a computer.

Dr Fourgerouse is confident that in the future, Atom Probe be Tomography can routinely assist metallurgists and miners in discovering new ore deposits as well as improve mineral processing.

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