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UCLA equips itself with a second CAMECA ultra high resolution ion microprobe
The SIMS Group at University of California, Los Angeles is home to the first CAMECA ultra high sensitivity IMS 1270, delivered in 1992 to the UCLA Department of Earth and Space Sciences. The UCLA SIMS group has a long record of publications with our large geometry ion microprobe, and the lab, supported by the NSF Instrumentation and Facilities program, has been accessed by a broad community of geo and cosmoscientists.

With their new order for an IMS 1280-HR series instrument, UCLA will greatly increase their analytical capabilities, further develop two of their main applications, U-Th-Pb measurements and O & C stable isotope analyses, and reinforce their position as a world-leading facility for in situ microscale isotopic analyses of geologic materials.

In the context of a collaboration with CAMECA, UCLA will also provide scientific support and training to future SIMS users in a wide range of geoscience research areas.



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