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A Fourth CAMECA SIMS at Hokkaido University
CAMECA 1280-HR at Hokkaido UniversityNov 2013: The Cosmochemical Laboratory at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan under leadership from Prof. H Yurimoto, has selected the IMS 1280-HR to complement its existing IMS 1270, IMS 3f and IMS 6f . The older IMS 1270 will be upgraded to the new 1280-HR configuration. With 4 ion probes, among which two ultra high sensitivity SIMS dedicated to Geosciences, Prof Yurimoto's lab will become the leading-edge research platform for stable isotope analyses and geochronology in Japan. Besides core activities by Prof. Yurimoto's teams on the origin of the solar system and its evolution processes, the SIMS facility at Hokkaido University is shared by several other research groups in Japan, and the CAMECA ion probes are used for multiple research projects in material, environmental and life sciences.



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