CAMECA presents latest developments for SKAPHIA and other Shielded Analyzer product lines at HOTLAB Conference in Mito, Japan.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CAMECA attended HOTLAB, the Annual Meeting on Hot Laboratories and Remote Handling in Mito, Japan, where Dr. Mona P. Moret presented instrumental and application details of CAMECA's next generation Shielded EPMA, SKAPHIA.

Since the installation of the first shielded Electron Probe Microanalyzer in 1978, CAMECA has developed customized microprobes for major post-irradiation examination facilities such as Idaho National Lab (USA), Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, SCK-CEN (Belgium), Institute for Transuraniam Elements (Germany), EDF and several CEA research centers in France (cf. Over the years, we have perfected our EPMA instrumentation in order to deliver ever higher spatial resolution and better detection limits, while also developing shielding methods and systems allowing nuclear scientists to efficiently analyze radioactive materials.

CAMECA launched the SKAPHIA Iniative last year, bringing together key players in nuclear research & industry. While providing a safe environment for manipulating and analyzing nuclear samples, SKAPHIA will enable scientists to gain a deeper understanding of fuel performance, to explore irradiated material behavior and radiation damage processes, to develop innovative alloys and structural materials, to optimize the nuclear fuel cycle and to achieve better nuclear waste management.