The University of Edinburgh orders a new IMS 7f-GEO

Friday, November 10, 2017

CAMECA is very pleased to announce the recent purchase order from the University of Edinburgh for a new IMS 7f-GEO.

The instrument will installed at the NERC Ion Micro-Probe Facility and will replace the faithful IMS 4f (now about 30 years old).

The NERC Facility carries out in-house geoscience research and provides a service to the earth and environmental science community. Among the numerous research topics that will be covered by the IMS 7f-GEO are the study of volatile elements in volcanic systems, the geochemistry of melt inclusions, the analyis of water in nominally anhydrous minerals, the effects of ocean acidification...

The University of Edinburgh's School of Geosciences is a long time user of CAMECA microanalytical instrumentations. In addition to the IMS 4f and the IMS 1270 used at the NERC Ion Micro-Probe Facility (SIMS), several generations of CAMECA EPMA have been in operation at the Electron Probe Microanalysis Facility.