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Tips for your stay in Paris


Click here for a few hotel recommendations.

How to travel inside Paris

To travel inside Paris, we recommend to use the subway (metro), fast subway (RER) and buses. It is very easy, fast and convenient, but packed at rush hours (7:30-9am and 5-7pm). You can interconnect inside and between metro and RER (fast metro) with only one ticket, but if you exit or board a bus, you must buy another ticket (which can be purchased from the bus driver).

For public transportation, Paris area is divided in concentric zones. At the center (areas 1 and 2), you can travel, interchange and access all metro stations, and RER stations with a standard metro ticket. The stop for CAMECA (Les Gresillons station on RER C line) is in area 3, thus one has to purchase a dedicated 3-zone ticket. Metro tickets are cheaper when purchased by ten ("un carnet de dix tickets").

One very practical way is to buy 1 day pass for a specified area (for example 1-3) presently called "Mobilis". It allows the use of all buses, metro, RER, trams, except airport shuttles, inside the given area. You can buy a Mobilis at any RER and Metro station counters, inside the stations. Take a 1-3 zone Mobilis to be able to take RER from Paris to "Les Gresillons" station and CAMECA.

If you are staying longer and also want to be able to travel from/to airports (Orly and Roissy CDG), Versailles castle, EuroDisney, etc.., we recommend a pass called "Paris Visite" available for 1, 2, 3, or 5 days.

The Paris public transportation web site (also in English) offers map downloads and a very practical route planner. You can also get free maps at any metro or RER station.

Visit Paris

For a virtual visit of Paris and useful information on the city, check the city of Paris web site.
During a short stay in Paris, we can recommend:

  • the Eiffel tower followed by a one-hour Seine river boat round trip (departures very near the tower or also at Pont Neuf).
  • an introduction coach tour through the city
  • Notre-Dame cathedral and the Sainte Chapelle nearby, and a walk in the Seine river island Ile Saint-louis. 
  • Montmartre and the Sacre-Coeur church
  • Le Louvre classical art museum, the Orsay impressionism art museum, etc...

If you want to visit museum, parks, go to theater, concert, show or movies, etc, you should purchase a small weekly magazine named "Pariscope", available from any newspaper stand. You will find show schedules, opening hours for museums... including an english section.

Weather in Paris

You may check the current weather status at (in French but one can understand the map!)


Below is a small French wine guide to help you select the good years... (drink in moderation!) 
wine guide 


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