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Front-end HKMG 32/22nm Metrology

A single tool to support complex ramp-up and critical parameter choices

Thanks to its unique versatility, the CAMECA Shallow Probe is capable of monitoring composition and thickness of all new elements introduced in the HKMG stack for 32/22nm, for example lanthanum, as well as of elements introduced in the stressors, such as SiGe and B, or P in Si:C. Combining flexibility with robustness, the Shallow Probe supports metrology engineers in their critical choices and ensures smooth ramping-up of new process integration.

32/22nm stackExcellent preformances on blanket and patterned wafers for the fully processed stack

The Shallow Probe monitors the chemical composition and thickness of all critical elements (Ti, Al, La, Hf) on typical 32/22nm stacks. Please note that data currently available on these stacks are strictly confidential so that no specific results may be shown here.

Precision is better than 0.5% on major elements such as Ti, Hf, Al, La and Ge on blanket wafers and is maintained for pads down to 50 by 50µm in patterned wafers.

Robust front-end metrology to ensure high yields in new process nodes

The Shallow Probe is a fully automated, fab-compliant tool that is able to secure continuous monitoring of the chosen critical parameters in dopant or chemical analysis. It will adjust all recipes to the various product design choices.

The Shallow Probe is a robust partner that allows process and metrology engineers to easily detect dopant and chemical composition issues at the front-end, and thus prevents variations from nominal values from affecting the final product. Lack of metrology on such parameters can otherwise lead to yield-killers that are difficult to detect in failure analysis.




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