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Impurity control (SIMS)

Analysis of light elements with CAMECA IMS 7f-Auto

Common microanalysis techniques such as Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry fail to measure light elements like H, C, N, and O because of high background signal limitations. Time-of-Flight SIMS can analyze atmospheric gas elements, but with mediocre detection limits only, due to a too low acquisition speed and contamination issues resulting from its intrinsic pulsed ion beam design. Based on the dynamic SIMS technique, the IMS 7f-Auto is designed to achieve excellent detection limits on light element measurements, thanks to: Oxygen-depth-profiling

  • Continuous ion beam sputtering and magnetic sector mass spectrometer design providing extreme sensitivity;
  • UHV analysis chamber with optimized vacuum conditions, minimizing the background level created by residual gases;
  • Fully automated six-holder storage chamber with sample outgassing capabilities, providing high throughput as multiple samples can be pumped overnight;
  • High density Cs primary ion beam allowing high sputtering rates that significantly improve the detection limits.

Moreover, the IMS 7f-Auto offers depth profiling capabilities with high depth resolution and high throughput, and can provide information about uniformity with sub-micron lateral resolution.

To learn more about the IMS 7f-Auto's benchmark performance for light element analysis in Semiconductor and PV, LED and Display, Metallurgy as well as Nuclear Science, you may download the application note.

IMS 7f-Auto



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